August 29

Episode 97 – MAIL CALL…MAIL CALL!!

August 29, 2013

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Hosts: Michelle Scribner-MacLean & Mike Scopa


Our experts answer your queries:

  • Michelle’s shout-out to Peter for his colorful pictures
  • Erin is asking about maintaining and overachieving.
  • John is concerned about winter training and base miles.
  • Heather from LA is working on moving from C25K  to 10K
  • John – is back again – to encourage someone from show 91.   Check out John’s Blog @
  • Terry from AL is addicted to registering for races!
  • Kelly has questions about kids, waivers, the expo, strollers, and the villains bash
  • Megan from TX is thinking about running and weight.
  • Dave has questions about rotating running shoes.
  • Help us with our 100th show.   Please find us in Disneyland to lend your voice.





Running Time: 44:54


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