Episode 108

Episode 108 – Nutrition Advice from runDisney’s Diet Diva Tara

October 3, 2013

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Hosts: Michelle Scribner-MacLean & Mike Scopa

Guest Host:  Tara Gidus (http://www.rundisney.com/training/nutrition/nutrition-tips/)


Meet the amazing Tara:

  • Michelle’s shout-out to Katie from the WDW Radio Running team for her ½ Marathon.  Way to go!
  • Welcome Tara!
  • Learning about her developing relationship with runDisney
  • Christopher asks about pre-race nutrition and hydration
  • Sam asks Tara to tell us what to eat and when J
  • Mike would like to discuss Recovery
  • Michelle wants to know about chocolate milk
  • Mike asks about water vs. PowerAde
  • Liz and Laura ask about fueling the day of the race
  • Marci asks about the post race boxes
  • Laura asks about protein and Michelle tags on with vegetarian protein
  • Ways to find Tara
  • Please come back Tara.



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Running Time: 36:59


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