June 18 Back to the Mailbag!

Episode 76 – Back… to the Mailbag!

June 18, 2013


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Hosts: Michelle Scribner-MacLean& Mike Scopa


Welcome back to themailbag & thanks for your questions!!:

  • Michelle’s shout-out to Jen trotting on the treadmill.   Great job!
  • Emerson is wondering about race entries during princess weekend.
  • TJ is pondering shoes for the Goofy.
  • Ian is going Dopey about his Dopey planning.
  • Ashley asks about losing weight while running.  (Congrats on the C25K!)
  • John is thinking about going from Mickey – to Goofy!  (for those interested our friend Helen Dunn has found this for us: http://as1.wdpromedia.com/media/rundisney/pdf/wdw-marathon/2014-WDWMWTransferRequestFee.pdf)
  • Melissa is thinking about winter training.
  • Donna is asking about the transition between Tink and the Princess half marathon.



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Running Time: 42:03


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