June 27

Episode 79 – runDisney Fantasy Island
June 27, 2013Sponsored By:  Mouse Fan Travel (http://www.mousefantravel.com/) &MEI (http://meitravel.com/) 

Opening Show Intro:  Lee from beautiful San Diego CA,  lookingforward to seeing you on the west coast in just 2 months!


Hosts: Michelle Scribner-MacLean & Mike Scopa


Who will be Mr. Roarkeand who will be Tattoo?:

  • Michelle’s shout-out to Michael Dorman for his ‘winter run’  Wishing we had those temps here in the north east
  • Welcome to runDisney Fantasy Island
  • Signups
    • Free? Guaranteed slots?  Discounted races?
  • Resorts?
    • Staying at the Polly? At the Beach Club?  At BLT?
  • The Expo Experience
    • No Lines?  Waiting? Virtual pickup of expo swag?
  • Race Day Morning
    • Magical Morning Teleporters? Dome of silence?  Race Retreat goodness? Characters in the sky.  Millions of restrooms.
  • Running the course
    • Unlimited GU and drink.  Continual entertainment. Mike’s magic bubble?  Time control?
  • The Big Finish
    • Illuminations? Medal support? Updated bling? Post-race dining? Bling perks?


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Running Time: 32:00