May 23 Health and Fitness Apps for the Disney Runner

Episode 69 – Health and Fitness Apps for the Disney Runner

May 23, 2013


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Opening Show Intro:  Kim from NY


Hosts: Michelle Scribner-MacLean & Mike Scopa


Time to spend some $in iTunes:

  • Michelle’s shout-out to John in CO.   Congrats on becoming a grandfather
  • Galloway apps
    • Interval Timer
    • Thanks Anita  from VA for suggesting
      • Runtastic Pro
      • Half Marathon with Jeff Galloway App from LOLO
    • Thanks Kim from OH for suggesting
      • Runkeeper (A great allaround app)
    • Thanks Camille from TX for suggesting
      • Run Walk Interval for Android
      • Cardio Trainer App also for Android
  • Music apps
    • Pandora
    • Slacker Radio
    • Spotify
    • Tune-In Radio
    • Jog FM
    • {Rich also thinks Michelle and Mike were talking about Podrunner)
    • {Rich also suggests Songza}
    • Creating a link for your iphone to listen to the Mickey Miles Podcast:
      • Using your iPhone, go to the site:
      • At the bottom of the screen the user will be able to click the “Quick Launch” icon.
      • Once you’ve done this it will add your podcast to your home screen and appear as an App.
  • Mileage Apps
    • iSmoothRun
    • Nike +
    • RunTraining
    • Map My Run / Ride
    • Electric Miles
    • Pace Mate
    • RunKeeper
    • iRunner
    • TrainingPeaks
    • Dr Dom from  MN loves Electric Miles … Thanks Dom!
  • Fitness Apps
    • LoseIt
    • My Fitness Pal
    •  Melissa from PA also loves MyFitnessPal  {Rich does too}
  • Fun Running Apps
    • Zombies, Run!  (New version now available)  {I love my Zombies, Run!}
    • Lisa from TX and  Thanks Lisa!
      • Zombies, Run 5K & Zombies, Run
  • If you haven’t found apps helpful let us know as well.
  • Stay tuned to see who wins the MMP shirt as well!
  • If you try any of these apps, and they work for you, please let us know.



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Running Time: 30:20


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