May 28 The 10ish Commandments of Running Disney Races

Episode 70 – The 10(ish) Commandments of Running Disney Races

May 28, 2013


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Opening Show Intro:  Jill from TX – Yay Jill!!   PS. Watch out folks Michelle is taking her mic. on the road for show openings.


Hosts: Michelle Scribner-MacLean & Mike Scopa


Here come the rulesfrom the experts:

  • Michelle’s shout-out to Thomas running in the Happy Haunted 5K in October.  You are AWESOME!
  1. Sign up early (Don’t get shut out)
  2. Pick and use a training plan that works for you (don’t over train)
  3. Train in and wear good running shoes and socks
  4. Print out two copies of your race waiver and pack them in two different places.
  5. Pack for all weather conditions (hot/cold/dry/wet)
  6. Do not stay out late the night before early races and do not stay in the parks past early afternoon of night races.
  7. Plug in your devices at least 24 hours before your race (ipod/watch/gymboss).
  8. Arrive early/make sure you have two wake-up calls (pay attention to final instructions)
  9. Run with a buddy.
  10. Do not wear or use anything new on race day (don’t take a chance on being uncomfortable)
  11. Use good race etiquette (share the road)
  12. Do not weave during the race (it adds to your distance)
  13. Don’t run on the grass (slippery).
  14. Hydrate before and during the race (invest in your health).
  15. Wear your medal (you earned it)!
  16. Plan your next race right after finishing your race (Motivation).
  17. Tell the world (be proud of your accomplishment)!!
  18. Rich’s Rule 18.  Be friendly to runners you come across whether it is a wave, a ‘hi’ or a smile.


If you have more suggestions…. send them to Rich.   Who knows?? – There may be enough for another show.   I will keep a separate post in the notes and will work with Team Vanderpool ( to have a post on the website



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Running Time: 30:54


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