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We Found the Yeti! by Amy Shepard

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We found the Yeti on the back of Clue 2, but we found so much more than that during our first and what may be the final Expedition Everest Challenge. We found a great racing partnership. My daughter, now ten, started me down this path of running four years ago and pulled up to run at my pace for our first runDisney race together.

Now, running with someone goes beyond the slogan “Your Pace or Mine.” When you run as a team, there is so much more that goes into having a successful race together. Here are a few things to think about before you sign up to run with someone else.300357_195005131_XLarge

  1. Set forth a realistic pace expectation to which you both agree. This also entails having a contingency plan in case one of you doesn’t make it to the start, or if one of you has to make the difficult decision to DNF*.
  2. Train to meet the agreed upon pace. If you can, do a test race or run to make sure everything will go smoothly at the big race.  Woah, I get chatty during a race!
  3. Put together a race plan. Do you stop for water at every water stop, power through with your own supplies, run for a PR, goof off, choose to stop to take pictures with characters, etc. It is great to have a plan, but then you also need to be receptive if the plan needs to change based on race conditions or how you feel that day.
  4. Communicate clearly and respect each other during the race. This can be the most difficult thing when running with someone, so be honest and patient and you will have much more fun. You want the relationship to last longer than the race!

For EEC we: went at my pace, agreed not to leave each other in case of DNF, trained and had a practice race, agreed to a course/picture strategy, and (most difficult for a parent) dialed back my desire to solve all of the clues myself! I respected that my partner could take the lead on the scavenger hunt, and when she asked for help on solving something I did my best.

All in all, I would consider ours a great racing partnership. We ran OUR race, didn’t sabotage ourselves, and are looking forward to running together again… especially if Disney offers another 5k, obstacle, scavenger hunt race!

* We will explore this in an upcoming post

About Amy

Amy makes her home in Nashville, TN.  Supported in her newly found love of running by her family; she also enjoys reading, volunteering at her children’s school, and coaching Track & Cross Country.  Amy earned a BA from Sewanee and her Masters in Viticulture & Oenology from Surry, which makes it quite appropriate that she will run the Wine & Dine to celebrate her 40th birthday this year.

Journey to the Yeti by Amy Shepard

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Four years ago my Kindergarten daughter signed up at school to participate in the Kids Marathon for our hometown marathon. Great, I thought; since I wasn’t an athlete growing up maybe she will be one! But when she didn’t have time at school to get in her required miles, I needed to run with her at home to keep her on track. Running with her was HUMBLING and a jolt to wake me up from my sedentary ways.   I remember hollering at her on race day “Pace, Pace” in hopes of getting her to slow down. In reality, I was more afraid that I couldn’t keep up with her pace than the concern of her going out too fast. I couldn’t keep up with a 6 year old for a half mile.IMG_1835

Fast forward one year at our hometown marathon where I walked the half with my best friend and my mother. It was exciting and motivational to train and finish in 3:12… but along the way I thought I could do more, go faster, maybe even run! I was going to work hard, follow a training plan because my family was embracing a new lifestyle and I wanted to be there to run with my family.

Over the next year, my cousins (who have run many runDisney events) encouraged me to sign up, train hard, and join them for the WDW Marathon weekend. With family by my side, I managed to shave a full hour off of my previous half marathon! I returned home with pride, excitement, and a new commitment to running with my family. And just one year later, we finished the inaugural DOPEY challenge together.

So what would I do with the rest of 2014? I was asked to coach my daughter’s school track & cross country teams. It was a bit nerve wracking to be a new runner who would help these kids with their seasons, but it was so much fun. Sometimes I felt like Jim White in McFarland, but I didn’t need a bike. I no longer needed to yell “pace”; more often I would make silly faces, share words of encouragement, and empathize with them as they struggled to become fit and faster.   So when Expedition Everest Challenge opened up, I asked my daughter if she would like to do the race with me.

This week my daughter and I will compete in the final Expedition Everest challenge; we are both so excited to do our first, of what I hope to be many runDisney races together. She’s still much faster than I am, but we enjoy running together, it is our special Mother/Daughter bonding time.DSCN2363

Pictures of our first race (Country Music Marathon Kids Marathon) & most recent (The Great Amazing Race – 1st Place, Overall Finish Nashville)

About Amy

Amy makes her home in Nashville, TN.  Supported in her newly found love of running by her family; she also enjoys reading, volunteering at her children’s school, and coaching Track & Cross Country.  Amy earned a BA from Sewanee and her Masters in Viticulture & Oenology from Surry, which makes it quite appropriate that she will run the Wine & Dine to celebrate her 40th birthday this year.

Tinkerbelle, I BELIEVE …just not in willpower

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Since I set my sights on my first Disney 5k, I’ve lost 80 pounds. As you might imagine, that loss changed the way I look quite a bit. Many people have noticed and tell me I must have such great willpower. Depending on the person who says such things and the place in which we’re chatting, I’ll either just smile and say nothing or, if it’s an occasion for honesty, I’ll tell them the truth: the reason I lost weight and embraced healthy living is because I stopped believing in the power of willpower.

Here’s my proposition: my willpower can only get me through a sprint, not an endurance race. I’ve come to this conclusion watching family members struggle throughout their lives with their weight issues. And pretty much, every time they try to change things, it goes like this:

  • Resolve that THIS TIME it’s going to work.
  • Attack the “weight problem” with whatever diet plan has been chosen.
  • A great day/week month occurs. A Huzzah!
  • Followed by an inevitable crash when falling off the diet.
  • Then self-recrimination about a lack of willpower and misery they believe that the the problem isn’t in the diet — it’s in the failed dieter.

Thus an unsuccessful diet is because of moral weakness not because the wrong plan of attack was used. So now my family member feels bad because of the weight and because of so-called weak will.

80 lbs ago

Eighty Pounds Ago

By contrast, when I decided that I needed to live healthier, I didn’t worry about my willpower or look for the solution that would improve my supposed willpower weakness. It was a trial and error to find systems that work for me. In fact I’m still doing this: Some things work great and some do not. But when things don’t go well, I ask myself what this latest effort teaches me about how I work. (Currently my winning combo is Weight Watchers (losing a bit of winter fluff), Pilates (thanks to Fitz Kholer, I’m going after the strength training piece these days and, of course, running (because that’s the fun part!). This is my system, and it’s working well – for now.

80 lbs. later

80 lbs. later

So I believe in systems not in willpower. Sure, one has to decide to change one’s system to improve chances for success, but focusing on the plan – how it’s working, how to improve it — rather than self-flagellation “willpower” puts the emphasis on change and on finding what works for you not on anxiety about a weakness of spirit. This works in areas beyond weight loss. Running, for one. Think about training plans: if Jeff Galloway doesn’t grab you, try Hal Higdon, or heart-rate training. None of these work? Maybe Matt Fitzgerald’s 80-20 training will offer you something. Or Chi Running might be for you. If we think of the means by which we accomplish goals as an exploration – of systems and of ourselves – we can beat the self-blame game and actually have fun with these things.

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now – I promise the next post will be NOTHING but running and Disney.

And let’s Keep Moving Forward – whatever system we choose!

A Running Playlist to Conquer Everest!

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Heading for Expedition Everest Challenge in a couple of weeks? Or just wish you were? Either way, thanks to Spotify and my ridiculously eclectic music collection, you can train with an EEC theme.  After all we all know I love themes – in fact, I’m watching the Disney-themed episode of Dancing with the Stars and wearing my Animal Kingdom Lodge t-shirt right now. Have to get in the mood to blogDisney, after all.



For an AK theme, in the linked Spotify playlist, you will find three kinds of music:

Disney Animation and Park Music: Lots of Lion King (of course!). “Be Prepared” is a running list staple for me (just a villan at heart, I guess), and I’ve added “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” and “Hakuna Matata.” I”ve also put on some other Disney classics: “I Wanna Be Like You” from Jungle Book and the Los Lobos version of “The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room.” I can almost taste the Dole Whip now, yummmm.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Music: I’ve put on a few songs that have been in rotation at Animal Kingdom Lodge, like Khadja Nin’s “Afrika Obota” and Samite’s “Ekiboto.” Table at Sanaa, anyone?

Quirky non-Disney music: Some of this is, admittedly, a stretch. Or, depending on your tastes, a lovely and innovative surprise (Hey, SURELY “The Thing That Only Ate Hippies” from the Dead Milkmen was something that’s living now at Animal Kingdom, amirite?)

Tell me in the comments below if there’s anything I should add, would you? I’m also training for a half marathon that follows quickly on the heels of EEC, so I would love to add more here for my long run.

To find the list on Spotify, paste the text below into your browser.


Hakuna Matata! Melissa


About Melissa: When she’s not running at Disney or reminiscing about races, Melissa is a college professor in Delaware, where she lives happily with her husband – and at the pleasure of her two Yorkies, Oswald and Harriet. As of the January 2015 Marathon Weekend, she has all the races in WDW save the Expedition Everest Family Challenge. But her husband and her bank account wish they would stop opening new races in Disneyland. It’s getting very tempting to head out there!

Meet-A-Miler: Kim Scharoff

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As in the Disney parks, it’s people that make the magic of the Mickey Milers Running Team. To make that magic a bit more …. er… magical, you’re invited to get to know one of our tribe a bit better through Meet-A-Miler, which features individual MMP Team Members – and their running journeys..



Kim Scharoff

Where are you from?

Long Beach, New York

First Disney Race?

WDW Marathon Weekend 5K 2013

Next Disney Race?

Expedition Everest Challenge 2015



What do you enjoy about running Disney races?

I enjoy Disney races for multiple reasons. I find them fun – I enjoy character stops and on course entertainment. There is a really community feeling among the runners that I don’t always get in other races. Everyone is encouraging and supportive, especially the mid/back of the pack runners.

I love running Disney as an excuse to get away for a few days and to see friends.


What is your favorite Disney attraction or restaurant and why?

Figment is my favorite Disney attraction. I have loved it since I was a little kid and still do.

I love 50s Prime Time Café in Hollywood Studios. Great theming and great food.

Why did you join the Mickey Milers?

I had been a part of Team AllEars and wanted to continue to run Disney for charity. I love listening to the podcast and believe in the mission of Give Kids the World.

Favorite inspirational quote?

“Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.” – Karen Kaiser Clark

Most played song on your running mix?

Affirmation by Savage Garden 


Meet-A-Miler: Robert Schultz

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As in the Disney parks, it’s people that make the magic of the Mickey Milers Running Team. To make that magic a bit more …. er… magical, you’re invited to get to know one of our tribe a bit better through Meet-A-Miler, which features individual MMP Team Members – and their running journeys.



Robert Schulz (Rob and probably many other things I’ve been called that I won’t mention here)

Where are you from?

Originally around Chicago, but since 1989 I’ve lived on the Florida Suncoast, currently in Palmetto.

First Disney Race?

2012 Walt Disney World Half Marathon

Next Disney Race?

2015 Disneyland Half Marathon and Wine and Dine Half Marathon

What do you enjoy running Disney?

At first it was the races, but now it’s the people there, the ones I know and the ones I don’t. Seeing the costumes that some people come up with for a race is great. Seeing people lined up along the road cheering us is fun and exciting and motivates me to keep going. Talking to and being able to hang out with other Mickey Milers makes the races and the weekends a lot of fun. Without them, I don’t know that I’d keep doing Disney races over and over again.


What is your favorite Disney attraction or restaurant and why?

I have different classes of favorites. My favorite thrill ride (because I’m old school) is still Space Mountain. I’ve been on both sides of so many times I know where every dip and turn is. For a relaxing ride I still like Spaceship Earth. It’s funny when I was younger I wanted the fast and exciting rides, now I look at it with the through of “How long can I take a nap?” Restaurants, there are so many, my favorite buffet is Boma, while my favorite sit down would be a tie between Raglan Road and Jiko. Yes, I know they’re completely different, but they both are great experiences with food to match.

Why did you join the Mickey Milers?

I googled Disney Running podcasts and The Mickey Miles Podcast came up. I listened to it and thought Michelle and Mike were good and entertaining. When they announced their own running team, how could I not join? When I ran my first RunDisney race I had no idea there were groups like this out there. Having the support, friends and encouragement makes this really a great group of people to be associated with.

Favorite inspirational quote?

“220/221, whatever it takes.” (Who can guess where that quite is from?)

Most played song on your running mix?

I rarely listen to music when I run. I listen to a wide variety of podcasts from a variety of topics including The Mickey Miles Podcast.

It’s like they WANT us to wait in long line for sneakers!

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Disney may have all started with a mouse, but the RunDisney sneaker line started with two mouses – er, I mean, mice.


Since the launch of these first models the line has thrived – growing from two styles to six, and at marathon weekend, New Balance has added two 2015-only styles.


While people clearly love these shoes, they are less crazy about the wait to buy them. When New Balance first released the Disney line, people went crazy, waiting for hours for the chance to get a pair. Now NB attempts to control the wait with their Virtual Queue program, in which each interested consumer signs up for a window of time in which to purchase shoes. (You can read about the Virtual Queue here). This program has cut the wait down for many individuals, but not every one is happy. Some people have not been able to get a position in line or have been unable to secure their sizes. Some would-be buyers are driven away by the need to register or are unaware of the sign up system until it is too late. So many are asking why doesn’t New Balance make more runDisney shoes?


“What the LeBron?,” a recent episode of NPR’s Planet Money podcast, asked — and answered – this very question, using Nike’s LeBron sneaker line to illustrate the reasons why a company, such as New Balance or Nike, might intentionally supply less shoes than are demanded. Drawing in part from a story from website FiveThirtyEight (“You See Sneakers, These Guys See Hundreds of Millions in Retail Profit”), Planet Money explained that while sneaker resellers may in fact make far more off of a pair of sneakers than did the original manufacturer, the brand still sees the shortfall between supply and demand as a wise investment. Not only do they get the increased visibility of creating a highly desirable pair of sneakers that sells for upwards of $5,000 on the resale market (yes, you read that right — $5,000!), but, in the case of Nike, the link with figure LeBron James helps to create a “cool” reputation for ALL their products. By pushing up prices, the shoe resellers help to make this reputation even more visible to consumers. So Nike makes it easy for the shoe scalpers by announcing new shoes well in advance to create excitement and, a few weeks before new models are available, the company will circulate a picture and announce the drop date and retail locations where they will be available.

It is, I think, pretty easy to see that the same thing is at work with the runDisney -New Balance shoes. Some of Disney demographic seems to represent a new audience for status athletic shoes. (Well THIS member of this Disney demographic does anyway, since my NB red Minnie shoes represent my first purchase of a so-called status sneaker.) It’s a win-win for both companies: NB gets associated with the “magic” of Disney, and Disney gets the no-risk licensing fees from the sneaker company. And, as with Nike’s LeBron sneakers, the reputations of both NB and Disney benefit from the shoes being seen as hard to get – and so highly desirable.

So regardless of how many shoes they sell or how long the wait, the mania for New Balance raises brand visibility, enhances corporate reputation, and so works in their favor. So when members of the Disney running community ask why New Balance doesn’t make enough shoes to meet the need, the answer would seem to be that the unanswered demand itself is part of the business plan.

Now, about those 2015 shoes…anybody got an extra pair of Minnies in a size 10? Okay how about a size 11?

About Melissa: When she’s not running at Disney or reminiscing about races, Melissa is a college professor in Delaware, where she lives happily with her husband – and at the pleasure of her two Yorkies, Oswald and Harriet. As of the January 2015 Marathon Weekend, she will have run all the races in WDW save the Expedition Everest Family Challenge. But her husband and her bank account wish they would stop opening new races in Disneyland. It’s getting very tempting to head out there!


This is the story of how I died…No, wait, wrong story!

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by Gail Gifford

This is the story of how I SURVIVED my first Marathon…as a part of my first Goofy Challenge!

The story begins 2 years ago when my husband/running buddy Dan and I were bitten by the runDisney bug after completing the 2013 WDW Half Marathon. We had an absolute blast and, as soon as they put that “bling” around our neck, we were hooked. The next day we caught the end of the Marathon at Hollywood Studios. Something struck us as we looked at Marathon and Goofy bibs going past us: these were normal (albeit sweaty) people. It wasn’t just superhuman elites who were able to complete the marathon and challenge; it was runners who looked just like us! Heck, WE could probably do the marathon! Let’s not stop there…we could do the Goofy! And so it was decided that we were doing the Goofy Challenge in 2015.

The idea that this was not the best approach for my first marathon never crossed my mind…until I started telling people. Some of the reactions:

“You’re going to die.”

“Have you done a marathon before? Why don’t you just do the marathon first?”

“No really, you’re going to die.”

“I’ll have a wheelchair waiting. You’re not going to have knees left.”

As you can see, not overwhelmingly positive. And then I started reading blogs and articles and found much of the same: that doing your first Marathon as a part of Goofy was not recommended. Did this deter us? NOPE! Our main reason was timing. We realized that 2015 would be the only year we could do the Marathon/Goofy for about 5+ years due to hopefully finishing up our PhDs and getting real jobs this year, and the uncertainty that comes with that for the next few years. So, we decided to go big and do the Goofy, but knew that we needed to put in some serious training to be prepared and avoid injury.

Training was tough, mainly due to the time it required. As grad slaves, err…students, we work 60-80 hours a week, so adding 10-12 hours of running a week was tough. We did 4 more Half Marathons after the 2013 WDW Half and stayed pretty steady at 20-25 miles a week until July of 2014. Then we followed Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 2 Marathon training schedule, with 5 days a week of running including Saturday-Sunday back-to-backs. I had expected it to be tough to get my endurance up to 20 mile runs and, surprisingly, it wasn’t. After hitting about 16 miles, adding on the extra miles really wasn’t tough. The main obstacle was learning how to properly fuel and pace ourselves to get through the miles. One of the biggest “Aha!” moments of training came from our first Galloway-style run/walk training run. Before we had taken a couple walk breaks whenever we felt tired, but mostly ran. After our first run/walk interval run we were sold! Our legs had never felt better AND we ran a 5 minute PR using run/walk for a half marathon! We found the fuel belts, hydration, clothing, Body Glide, shoes, COMPRESSION SLEEVES (greatest thing ever), Balega socks (second greatest thing ever), everything that worked to keep us feeling great during our runs. Our first 10mile/20mile weekend was a BIG deal for us, but after getting through it plus 2 more we felt confident that we could finish the Goofy challenge.

10593068_10101182282433580_2364855718339724299_nWe are very fortunate to have an amazing group of friends and family who joined us for the trip and in some of the events. There were 26 of us total, participating in everything from cheering to Dopey. Some of us decided to stay at Port Orleans – Riverside for the week (normally we’re Pop people) to have a little more space and amenities. What a great choice! Such a relaxed atmosphere that really helped us calm down for the races. Another huge plus was being a part of the Mickey Milers! We met so many new friends and had great meet-ups before the races to help calm our nerves and tons of on-course cheering.

We hit the expo Thursday morning (bought everything) and then did Hollywood Studios for a couple of hours in the afternoon followed by an early bedtime. Friday morning was up early to cheer with some friends and Milers at the Boardwalk for the 10k! My parents and in-laws all did their first 10k, and then we had a bunch of friends and Milers and thousands of random strangers to cheer for too! It was our first time cheering and we had a BLAST! Making funny signs and banging noisemakers for 3 hours was more fun than I ever expected. Then the compression socks went on and we did Animal Kingdom for the afternoon, followed by Boma for dinner (chicken and potatoes, and only 1 zebra dome! That’s sacrifice!).

We began our races Saturday morning with a COLD Half! Wow was it chilly! We ran with two of our great friends who were doing their first Half and all decided to just have fun and take it super easy. We did 5/3 run/walk and talked and took pictures the whole time. It was the most fun race I’ve ever done! We added a full hour to our Half PR, but our legs felt amazing and we’ve never had more fun. Immediately after finishing we started eating bagels we had packed along and Gatorade to start refueling. Then came the most painful part of the weekend: ice bath. Even though my legs felt fine, it was a preventative measure to reduce any inflammation for the next day. The afternoon was filled with compression socks, water, and relaxing on a bench in Magic Kingdom.

Then came the big one: Marathon Sunday. Nerves started up a bit, but meeting up with the Milers before the race really helped me calm down. We started out the Full and felt…fantastic? This was weird; I was expecting creaky joints and tight hamstrings. But we got into a groove and my legs felt as fresh as ever, our training paid off!!! The whole experience was magical (I know, corny, but it was!), we had friends and family and Mickey Milers along the whole course and that gave us a huge boost every time we saw them. We stopped for 4-5 character photos, but passed on riding Everest to avoid our legs possibly tightening up. My legs felt great until about mile 21 (not surprising since our longest training run was 20 miles), but at that point we were almost to the home stretch of the Studios, so we powered through. I have to say that our finish was pretty epic. It had started raining when we hit the Beach Club and was a downpour when we got into Epcot. Our parents and some Milers were at the entrance to World Showcase to give us the final boost and it hit us that we were about to finish our first Marathon, a moment we had been dreaming of for 2 years. So, in the pouring rain with the epic music pumping and torches burning, we gave it all we had left and hauled toosh around World Showcase with ridiculous grins on our faces, completely soaked through. Getting across that finish line is a moment I will never ever forget.

After finishing and getting our medals we met up with our amazing cheering crew to celebrate. I had no cognitive ability whatsoever, but I had that bling around my neck so I just plastered a gigantic grin on my face. Our training paid off and we not only finished, but had a blast doing our first marathon as a part of Goofy. So what is the logical thing to do after running 39.3 miles? That’s right, demolishing ‘Ohana and then closing down the Magic Kingdom to end a 24-hour day. Our legs were tired the day after, and we avoiding any stairs or elevation changes like the plague, but by the next day we were back to normal.

So, that is the story of surviving our first Marathon. Would I do it again? Heck yes! We are definitely doing another Goofy, maybe not for a few years, but after this experience we’re hooked. And we are even looking into non-Disney marathons to do in a couple of years (Big Sur is at the top of the list!).


Some tips and random thoughts from my experience:

  • Marathon/Goofy training is a part-time job – Be prepared to devote a LOT of time to not only running but also recovering. Did we do every single scheduled training run? Nope! For a couple of the shorter runs, I was just exhausted and felt it was better to take the day off. And you know what? I still finished. I made sure to get in the long weekend back-to-backs, but if I just couldn’t fit a weekday run in I didn’t let it get me down. Trust in your training, listen to your body, and put in the miles that count.
  • Be prepared to eat. A LOT – I have never eaten so much food in my life during marathon training. It was actually comical how much I ate (co-workers started noticing and commenting on how much I was eating). I ate so much I actually got tired of eating. And the problem was that I couldn’t eat junk because I could tell in my run the next day! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
  • Body Glide is your friend – Travel-size mini-Glide was a life-saver to have in my fuel belt during the Full.
  • Find the fuel that works for you – I started out doing Chews but never felt super satisfied, so on the advice of a fellow Miler I switched to cut-up Clif bars during the run. Experiment with different fuels to find what works best for you.
  • Compression socks/sleeves are magic – After trying compression sleeves, I’ll never go back. Are they a placebo? I don’t know, but I am convinced! I run with Zensa sleeves and use CEP for recovery. It’s like they’re giving your calves a hug with every step! Along that line, invest in some GREAT socks, it makes a huge difference at mile 18!
  • Cheer for a race – The 10k was the first time I had ever cheered for a race and I absolutely loved it. It also made me appreciate people who cheered for us during the Goofy even more! Do it!
  • Run with friends – Running with friends made an already amazing race even more incredible! It’s such a fun atmosphere and, let’s face it, none of us are going to win this thing. So goof off and enjoy the ride.
  • Don’t expect to set a PR – We took the half SLOW and I think it was the key to finishing the marathon in such great shape. You’re paying so much money to do these races that you might as well take your time and enjoy it! And, with it being our first marathon, it was a PR by default! Woohoo!


About Gail:

Gail is a native Seattleite currently living in Ann Arbor, Michigan where she and her husband Dan are finishing up their PhDs in molecular biology and astrophysics (respectively). When not studying, running, or at Disney, she enjoys photography and spending time with her 2-year old Golden Retriever, Mowgli. She hopes to run more Disney races in the future, and her next goal is to get her Coast-to-Coast!





Mickey Miles Cheering Guide for 2015 Race Weekend

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Cheering for someone at the WDW Race Weekend?

Check out our 2015 WDW Cheering Guide with maps and suggested cheering locations, developed by our buddy, Melanie Camphouse.

Please click the link below and feel free to share.

2015 Mickey Miles Cheer Locations v2

Packing for runDisney Events

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Getting ready to run a Disney event?  Here’s a handy checklist generated by Mickey Miles Podcast team members, Mickey Milers, and listeners. Print it out and you’re ready to go!

Packing List for Running at WDW

Top to Bottom: Running gear for different weather conditions

Throw away hat or visor or running cap


Buff or a gaiter


For the gals: Sports Bra, pony tail holders, sweatbands or sweatybands

Nipple protectors

Mittens or gloves

Compression shirt

Another layer – throwaway sweatshirt

Light running jacket

Raining: garbage bag/inexpensive rain gear from expo

Running tights/shorts

Compression socks

Another sweat suit layer for throwaway


Multiple Pairs of Sneakers (wear one pair while traveling)

Mickey Miler or Mickey Miles Podcast gear

Duct tape

Race Waivers (including those for the Castaway Cay Challenge)


Gadgets and Other Gear

iPod and charger

Headphones (2)

GPS Watch



Running belt

Gu (if you like specific flavors)

Band aides or moleskin

Band or brace that you’d run with

Extra pins

Electrolite drink

Recovery Drink

Hand warmers

Road id

Gym Boss

Extra AAA batteries for Gym Boss

Power strip to charge electronics

Ziploc bags

Newspaper to stuff in your shoes if it rains

Air freshener for room


Toiletries and First Aid



Sun lotion

Bio freeze

KT Tape

Extra tissues