November 27

Episode 124 – Tara Gidus….Guides Us Through Nutrition for the runDisney Dopey

November 27, 2013


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Opening Show Intro:  My good friend Richard Peete


Hosts: Michelle Scribner-MacLean & Mike Scopa


Guest Host:  Tara Gidus (


Dining for Dopey:

  • Michelle’s shout-out to Megan for all her dedication to fundraising
  • Welcome back Tara!!
  • Thinking nutrition a week before Dopey begins.
    • Carb loading & hydrating
    • Filling your stores before you leave
    • Setting up your routine
  • The day before the 5K
  • The day before the 10K
    • Refuel with Carbs
    • Rebuild with Protein
    • Rehydrate with Fluids
    • Within 30 mins – carbs
    • Within 2 hrs – protein
    • Hydrate continually
    • Be careful of being on your feet
    • Stay away from fried / greasy food (Fat won’t help that much)
    • Nutrition while you are running is just as important
  • Talking Marathon day – replenishing sugar
    • Bananas and chocolate are all good
  • How to recover after Dopey
    • Follow the 3 Rs – and buy the t-shirt when available
  • Compression sleeves and their value
  • Please come back Tara
  • Look for Emotional Mojo  on your local channels (
  • Please look for Tara during Marathon Weekend and at the expo!



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Running Time: 25:26


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