September 3

Episode 98 – Training v. Running

September 3, 2012

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Hosts: Michelle Scribner-MacLean & Mike Scopa


Guest Host:  Chris Trawick & Dr. Dominic Abram (@rundomrun){Show 46}


Breaking down the difference:

  • Michelle’s shout-out to Phil for training in DL last week
  • Another Shout-out to  Michael and Brad for the living seas meet up of the MMP
  • Welcome Chris and welcome back Dr Dom
  • The difference between training and running…
  • The training plan
    • How do you follow it?
    • How do you alter it?
  • Training for a night race
  • Training for back to back races
  • Training with nutrition and hydration
  • Training v. Running
  • Advice for runners working towards a goal





Running Time: 38:45


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