Welcome to the Mail Bag Show

Episode 73 – Welcome to the Mail Bag Show

Thursday June 6, 2013


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Opening Show Intro:  April A. from MD.


Hosts: Michelle Scribner-MacLean & Mike Scopa


Taking another shot at the mail bag:

  • Michelle’s shout-out to Awesome Libby G!   You are amazing
  • Thanks t
  • Danette from TN has some great questions about running on vacation in WDW.
  • Rachel W. is asking about the (non-running) characters on the course.
  • Laura is wondering about off-site hotels and the Princess ½
  • Pamela would like to know about Mr. Scopa’s training plan
  • John E. is asking about bib transfers
  • Terry M. has food on the brain before races.
  • Rich from NY talks about the courage to be a runner.
  • Becky from OH is asking about park admission
  • Returning guest Dr. Amanda is asking about slumps.    (Great Question Amanda… Great answer M&M)




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Running Time: 43:30


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